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Excursion programs for groups

(schools and kindergartens)

Verified, educational and entertaining excursion that can be adapted to the age of children in group...

An unforgettable trip to the fairy tale world.

We have prepared a lot of costumes for our guests so we can all turn into counts and counties, of course we also have kids and adult size costumes :)


Relax and enjoy...

"Choose Your Role" Program in Contessa:

Part of the program organized on the old property from 1714., where
children can enjoy the role of Counts, Countesses, Princesses and Knights.
A program completely designed to make everyone feel like they are in a fairy tale world.


Let's take a look around the property and let's find the ballroom

All of the rooms in the mansion are decorated. A knight's room, a hunting room for boys and a ladies' room for drinking tea for girls. All rooms are full of details, and there is a special old store with a teddy bear and antique toys. Upstairs there is a large ball room where costumes are waiting for us. We can learn the proper greetings and dance to the music.

Colorful dresses and knightly uniforms

We have prepared over 100 colorful dresses and various jewelry for princesses. Boys can choose whether they want to be knights or kings, and they will also be able to try swordsmanship with wooden swords, with the supervision of an animator. For adult queens we also prepared dresses for unforgettable excursion photos.


The court chef invites us to a three course lunch with royal service. Animators care about good and exemplary behavior as if we were at a real court ceremony.


Royal Horses and Games

We will introduce you to various types of horses; a Lipizzaner, a Frisian, a Baroque pinto and a Spanish horse, and one little pony will do the tricks. The courtyard area has something for everyone, a large sandy terrain great for football and ball games, a park for walking and relaxing on the blankets, and a covered terrace right next to the cottage.

Additional activities:

Part of the program tailored to the age of the children and the theme of the excursion.

We create it in agreement with you, and if you wish we can always extend it with additional activities. In combination with the Contessa property you can choose: Erdody castle park, Ozalj castle and museum, Aquatika freshwater aquarium or a themed creative workshop.

ERDÖDY CASTLE in Jastrebarsko

Through interesting interactive stories, children will hear about life in castles, who were counts and countess, what were they doing in the court, who enjoyed it and who did not ... Let's look at the castle outside and the park surrounding it and let's find many rare trees. Around the castle is a promenade through the park where we can enjoy different games.



OZALJ CASTLE and museum

Costumed animators guide you through the story. At the top of the hill along the Kupa river is the medieval town of Ozalj. We reach it over the old wooden bridge, pass through the entrance tower and arrive in a large courtyard from which we can search for stories and legends about Zrinski and Frankopans. It is said that in secret passages under the castle the dragon keeps the treasure of Petar Zrinski, and the entrance to the tunnels is well hidden. We will walk through the spacious yard, climb the highest tower, peek into the Granary, the chapel and the large terrace overlooking the green Kupa river and one of the oldest hydroelectric plants in Croatia. The newly renovated museum is full of interesting old objects, knightly equipment, coats of arms and weapons.



AQUATIKA freshwater aquarium in Karlovac


Get to know the flora and fauna of Croatian rivers and their ecosystems with their professional guides. You will find out which species live in the upper, which in the middle, and which in the lower course of the river by following the flow of a karst river from its source to its mouth. After the upper course of the river, the sounds subscribe and we come to caves where we will see endemic species that are often found in nature in sinkholes.
There are over 100 species of fish in the aquariums, of which about 40 are endemic, and they are arranged so that the fish are viewed from above, as if we were walking along the river, then from the side where we see them below the water surface, and above entering the tunnel. For the full experience we are accompanied by the sounds of rivers and caves. The freshwater aquarium is primarily intended to develop awareness of exceptional biodiversity and at the same time educate how to use Croatia's exceptional natural resources in a sustainable way. Look through the magnifying glass of the aquatic world that surrounds us, feel the power and richness of our rivers.


THEMATIC WORKSHOPS (not available in May and June)


We don't have to postpone the trip because of bad weather, because the story of royaltys and castles is also enjoyable to listen to on the pillows in our story room on the Contess property. We have prepared some interesting culinary and creative workshops that we customize depending on the season and children's age.







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